Marketplace items 99L

Everything you love about Shattered is now even more affordable. For a uncertain amount of time you can get all items from Shattered and Aluinn for 99L each on our SL Marketplace Store. With the exception of the complete wedding ring sets. Those are set at 299L, still very cheap!

Hope everyone had very Happy Holiday season and wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Alice @ Shattered

Now available on the MARKETPLACE or at Shattered by Aluinn

This is a complete outfit that includes the hair bow, skirt, boots, shorts, shirt, necklace, and earrings.

Chunky Moon Boots @ Shattered

Now available on the MARKETPLACE or at Shattered by Aluinn

Many more colors and patterns available.





Aluinn is splitting up

Aluinn is now two separate stores. Aluinn will continue to carry all my jewelry items.
All my Neko, clothes, boots, and new products will be in the new Shattered Store.
I have done this to make it simple for my customers to find what they are looking for. It was hard to separate the two very different product lines for everyone. People that only want jewelry updates do not have to be bothered by my neko/ grunge updates and visa versa. If you are already on the aluinn updates list for my neko items, you will need to go there and unsub. Go to Shattered and join the new group for that store. Or you can send me a notecard to move you.

I am currently working on setting up the direct delivery on the Marketplace listings. Once that is done I will have many new products being released. I know it has been awhile!

Slurl for Aluinn

Slurl for Shattered

Changes in the air

Aluinn is going to go through some changes. Keep your eyes open for some exciting new things. I promise you will not be disappointed.
If you have not been by the store to pick up the Peace on Earth hunt gift, it is still there for a few more days.

Aluinn Main Store

Leather Cuffs and Matching Collar Necklace

These have been out for awhile but being the terrible blogger I am, I never got them up here. I will have a few other posts in the next few days of released but never blogged items.

Available on the MARKETPLACE or in Aluinn Main Store

Leather Slouch boots

New at Aluinn. A gorgeous pair of new boots is just what you need to make the fall weather even better. These will look great with all your fall clothing.

These come in 5 different colors. Black, Brown, White, Red, and Blue. For a limited time you can get the black set for only 115L$ on the Marketplace. HERE

All Colors available on the MARKETPLACE or in Aluinn Main Store

Wrapped Leather Boots

Now available at Aluinn.
These boots are V.1 and V.2 friendly. Click to resize scripted. Once you have them fit perfectly for you, you can remove the scripts just as easy.
These come in Snake Skin, Blue, Rose, Purple, Charcoal, and White.


Aluinn Main Store

Now on Facebook

Aluinn now has a page on Facebook. If you have an account, come by and click the like button. I have it integrated with my blog so any blog update I do will post there also. It is also a good place to message me outside of the grid, leave comments, and make suggestions.
Aluinn Facebook Page
If you are in the mood to shop come by my Main Store or you can just browse through my store on the Marketplace.