Fall Releases

I was so busy with everything, I just realized I forgot to blog my Fall releases! First I need to let you know that the hair in these ads were done in a graphics program and are not available in world. So without further delay, aluinn brings you….

Available at my Main location.


First, for those of you that went to get my Breast Cancer awareness gift and didn’t receieve it. I am really sorry, my script was not working. It has been corrected and can now just be bought for 0L.

I will keep this short and sweet….
Aluinn has a lot of new releases to come out this week but not quite yet.

You can see some of the new stuff at the jewelry expo and all of it at the alphamale& blacklace fashion show on the fourth and of course my main location on the same day.

BUT I did manage to get my Neko outfit released. So for you kittys out there, this one is for you.

Aluinn’s first ever complete outfit with all the bells and whistles.

You get…

Two fluffy TailsĀ  One twitchy, menu driven and One static)
Two Regular TailsĀ  One twitchy menu driven and One static)

2 Pairs of Spiked ears: One twitchy, and one static

1 Spiked Collar with matching wrist cuffs with menu resizing.

Menu resizing plaid skirt decorated with chain links and a cat paw with dangling mice.

Fishnet shirt on all layers possible.

Tank top both a modest and unmodest version on all layers possible


And last but not least… My black buckle neko boots.

Clothing items are all copy/mod
And attachments (collar,cuffs,skirt,boots) are all copy and resizable by just clicking and selecting a size.

Available at my Main location.