I hope you all had a great time doing all the different hunts offered during the madness of Halloween. I know I did. I didn’t think I would ever get my inventory under control again. Yes, I am one of the rare neurotic people that must have their inventory organized.  No, I will not organize yours. * sticks tongue out*

I have to say that since the fall release I have been a bit burnt out on creating anything but  then I was asked by one of the gorgeous Blacklace models to make a necklace to match her dress,it was just what I needed to get the creative juices flowing again. This is what I came up for her…

The Jolie Collection

A breathtaking pearl necklace with a  gem of your choice. Touch scripted to change from gold to silver.

Comes with matching earrings and bracelets for right and left wrist.

Come on by aluinn and get yours!


Hair from Bish

Dress from Elate!

Boots from Decoy

Skin from Tuli