Boots Boots Boots

Oh how I love boots!

New at aluinn are these drop dead sexy leather thigh high boots. Right now I have released “huntress” silver and gold in black and red. I look forward to adding more designs in the near future. Enjoy!




aluinn main location.

New outfit- Pink!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate pink? I seriously do. You would never catch me wearing it in RL or SL. Till now. I actually really like this new outfit I made despite it being pink and cute.  I hope all you lovers of pink or cute enjoy this one. I know I had fun making it.



Available only at aluinn main location.

Special request

A friend requested these a long time ago and I have finally got them done. She loves them and I hope you will too. The choker comes in Black, White, Red, Blue, Teal, Rose, and Purple.

Stop by Aluinn where you can find a very diverse selection of jewelry and jeweled neko ears.