New Jewelry Release-Guenevere

A new release from aluinn that I called Guenevere thanks to the idea of a friend. I have been wanting to make a jewelry set that would be wonderful looking with dresses and ball gowns. I think I may have achieved that. Be sure to check out the back draping of this necklace, it will bring a new beauty to all your low backed attire.

Guenevere SilverAD

Guenevere Gold AD

New Outfits

One new outfit in two colors for release today. Available in my main location and on the ThereIsNoRadio sim.

You can find them on the New Releases wall in the center of the stores.

PatchWorkOutfit Ad

PatchWorkOutfitBlue Ad


Just a small new release today. I got some new textures and I am excited about using them. I made this bracelet today and wanted to release it as a sneak peak to a line I am working on and would like to get out asap. I hope you all like it.

You can find this in my main store now on my “new” wall in the center of the store.

Ornate wood 1