Aluinn is splitting up

Aluinn is now two separate stores. Aluinn will continue to carry all my jewelry items.
All my Neko, clothes, boots, and new products will be in the new Shattered Store.
I have done this to make it simple for my customers to find what they are looking for. It was hard to separate the two very different product lines for everyone. People that only want jewelry updates do not have to be bothered by my neko/ grunge updates and visa versa. If you are already on the aluinn updates list for my neko items, you will need to go there and unsub. Go to Shattered and join the new group for that store. Or you can send me a notecard to move you.

I am currently working on setting up the direct delivery on the Marketplace listings. Once that is done I will have many new products being released. I know it has been awhile!

Slurl for Aluinn

Slurl for Shattered