Dark Katz Hunt

This is the 3rd time aluinn has been in this hunt and it always proves to be a treasure trove of awesome gifts. One of the few hunts I look forward to each year.


aluinn’s gift this time is a new unreleased neko set.



More information about the hunt can be found at their blog. http://darkkatzhunt.blogspot.com/


Aluinn Main Store

Peace on Earth Hunt

I forgot to blog that aluinn was participating in this years peace on earth hunt.
The gift is now available in my store in a gift box for free if you missed it.



Aluinn’s main store has been completely redone in an effort to make it easier to navigate around the store. You should come by and check it out!


2010 was a somewhat slow year for me and I plan to make it up to you by having a lot of new releases and interaction that I have been lacking on. I have so many great things in store in 2011, so keep checking back often or join my group at the main store to keep updated.


Thank you to all my friends and customers that have kept me coming back to this fabulous place.


Aluinn Main Store

Peace on Earth hunt!

As many of you are biting at the bit waiting for the biggest hunt I have ever come across in SL to start ( over 300 stores!) I thought I would let you know what I am giving at aluinn.

A peace themed neko set that has a peace sign, a small spinning earth and some dangling hearts.

Pictured here is the white ears, I will be including a black set also. Not pictures is the fluffy or regular tail to match these ears. I really hope many of you will find this gift fun and useful, I know I had fun making them!