Leather Cuffs and Matching Collar Necklace

These have been out for awhile but being the terrible blogger I am, I never got them up here. I will have a few other posts in the next few days of released but never blogged items.

Available on the MARKETPLACE or in Aluinn Main Store

Leather Wrapped Bracelets

A new addition to aluinn is a wrapped leather bracelet accented with silver beads and a charm in the clasp.
Comes in 7 different colors and a price of just 99L each.

Aluinn Main Store

Gifting? You can find aluinn on the Secondlife marketplace HERE or IM Bratty Slade and get same day delivery of a transfer item.

Fantasy Fair 2011

I am so late posting this but you still have today to go!

SL’s largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts & performers.  A week of commerce, special events, live music concerts & fundraising over 9 sims to benefit Relay for Life and the fight against cancer.

You can read more about it here.   Fantasy Fair Blog

Aluinn is located on the Forest Of Shadow sim. Selling 3 items for just 199L$ each. 100% of the proceeds going directly to RFL.

If you just can’t make it to the Fair these items are also available in my Aluinn Main Store.

A little Good Luck

I have a little something for you whether you are one of my Jewelry or Neko customers.


Sonais will keep your booty safe from pinching while looking fabulous. Comes in Silver and Gold.




And for my wonderful Nekos, a Good Luck ears and tails set.




For Mardi Gras



Come and get yours today!


Aluinn Main Store

Never too much of a good thing.

Journey has been released in some more colors to go with Blacklace’s new Harlequin lingerie set. I have always loved Mariska’s work and I am always thrilled to work with her. These sets look fabulous together.




Available at at:


Aluinn’s Main Store


Blacklace’s Main Store

Journey Jewelry Set

A new jewelry set released at aluinn. This set includes matching necklace, earrings, and bracelets for right and left wrist. Come and get yours!




Aluinn Main Store


Marketplace listing is HERE

Valentines Charm

A beautiful charm necklace is waiting for you at Aluinn. Come and get yours today.



Aluinn Main Store


Gifting? You can find aluinn on the Secondlife marketplace HERE or IM Bratty Slade and get same day delivery of a transfer item.


Aluinn has just released a new mini dress that comes with matching necklace and bracelets. Coming in 6 different glitter colors for any occasion.


Pictured here in glitter purple. It also comes in Gold, Black, Red, Emerald Green, and Teal Blue. The gems of the necklace are a perfect match for the color of dress you pick.



Here is the necklace detail.



Aluinn Main Store

Peace on Earth Hunt

I forgot to blog that aluinn was participating in this years peace on earth hunt.
The gift is now available in my store in a gift box for free if you missed it.



Aluinn’s main store has been completely redone in an effort to make it easier to navigate around the store. You should come by and check it out!


2010 was a somewhat slow year for me and I plan to make it up to you by having a lot of new releases and interaction that I have been lacking on. I have so many great things in store in 2011, so keep checking back often or join my group at the main store to keep updated.


Thank you to all my friends and customers that have kept me coming back to this fabulous place.


Aluinn Main Store

Stacked Bangels- Animal Prints

15 different animal print stacked bagels are now at aluinn to tempt the animal in you.




Aluinn Main Store


Also available on the marketplace.


Marketplace Link