Chunky Moon Boots @ Shattered

Now available on the MARKETPLACE or at Shattered by Aluinn

Many more colors and patterns available.





A little Good Luck

I have a little something for you whether you are one of my Jewelry or Neko customers.


Sonais will keep your booty safe from pinching while looking fabulous. Comes in Silver and Gold.




And for my wonderful Nekos, a Good Luck ears and tails set.




For Mardi Gras



Come and get yours today!


Aluinn Main Store

Dark Katz Hunt

This is the 3rd time aluinn has been in this hunt and it always proves to be a treasure trove of awesome gifts. One of the few hunts I look forward to each year.


aluinn’s gift this time is a new unreleased neko set.



More information about the hunt can be found at their blog.


Aluinn Main Store

PokerFace Neko Sets

A new Neko set is available at aluinn. PokerFace, an ear and tail set that is decorated with cards and dice.



Aluinn Main Store

Also available on the marketplace.

Marketplace Link

New Releases

Two releases this time. One for my jewelry lovers and one for my Neko lovers.

Taboo. A pearl and gem necklace that was designed to go with Blacklace’s new Lingerie set Jade. You can go to my main location to get this or to Blacklace to get some of the exclusive colors to go with her beautiful Lingerie.

Taboo Main AD



A snowflake winter themed complete neko outfit is available in my main location.


Snowflake Neko outfit blog



Limo to Aluinn Main store

Limo to Blacklace

Stars N Stripes

Just in time for the 4th of July. I have set out new ears and tail sets for my neko fans out there. Available in black, brown, and white.

These sets are available in my main location and also my location on ThereIsNoRadio City.


New Neko Sets

I just released a new neko set that come in 6 different colors.

Sets include


Fluffy Tail

Fluffy Leg Warmers

Skirt- Unscripted and deletable touch resize

Thong- 2 layers

Shirt-3 layers

If wearing ears and a tail isn’t your thing the skirt/shirt sets are sold seperately too.

These sets are available in my main location and also my new location on ThereIsNoRadio City.



Peace on Earth hunt!

As many of you are biting at the bit waiting for the biggest hunt I have ever come across in SL to start ( over 300 stores!) I thought I would let you know what I am giving at aluinn.

A peace themed neko set that has a peace sign, a small spinning earth and some dangling hearts.

Pictured here is the white ears, I will be including a black set also. Not pictures is the fluffy or regular tail to match these ears. I really hope many of you will find this gift fun and useful, I know I had fun making them!


First, for those of you that went to get my Breast Cancer awareness gift and didn’t receieve it. I am really sorry, my script was not working. It has been corrected and can now just be bought for 0L.

I will keep this short and sweet….
Aluinn has a lot of new releases to come out this week but not quite yet.

You can see some of the new stuff at the jewelry expo and all of it at the alphamale& blacklace fashion show on the fourth and of course my main location on the same day.

BUT I did manage to get my Neko outfit released. So for you kittys out there, this one is for you.

Aluinn’s first ever complete outfit with all the bells and whistles.

You get…

Two fluffy TailsĀ  One twitchy, menu driven and One static)
Two Regular TailsĀ  One twitchy menu driven and One static)

2 Pairs of Spiked ears: One twitchy, and one static

1 Spiked Collar with matching wrist cuffs with menu resizing.

Menu resizing plaid skirt decorated with chain links and a cat paw with dangling mice.

Fishnet shirt on all layers possible.

Tank top both a modest and unmodest version on all layers possible


And last but not least… My black buckle neko boots.

Clothing items are all copy/mod
And attachments (collar,cuffs,skirt,boots) are all copy and resizable by just clicking and selecting a size.

Available at my Main location.